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BEGAN JUN 21, 2011!


Who is YOUR
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Parade of Godmothers
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Paper Panache
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Sept 2011
Fairy Quilt
Godmother Pageant


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       It's a Fairy Quilt Godmother Parade

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Ribbinluria, the Fairy Quilt Godmother of Jo Brickwell
by Jo Brickwell

What fun it was to bring my Fairy Quilt Godmother to life. Ribbinluria looks a bit on the stern side, but she also has a smirk on her face, so I think she and I will get along just fine. She has already started helping me even as I was still working on her. I finished the quilting on her border with only a few feet of thread left on the spool! She is now hanging above my sewing machine so she can watch over me as I sew.

Stitch-U-Vina, the Fairy Quilt Godmother of Wanda Barkhurst
by Wanda Barkhurst

I started on her Superbowl Sunday. I am gifting her to my sister, Cindy, who is a quilter as well. When I got the main pattern done, it looked a little bare, so I added a paper-pieced flying geese side border of button themed fabric. As this was targeted at being an art project, I left the pattern paper inside thus eliminating the time I would have spent taking the little pieces of pattern paper out... the paper pattern gave it an additional "stiffness" that was very appropriate for the wall hanging. I went through the posted godmothers and I did not find my combo Godmother anywhere. Stitch-U-Vina is truly unique. Very cool.

Celeste, the Fairy Quilt Godmother of Amanda Schoonover
by Amanda Schoonover
Philadelphia, PA

I have finally gotten around to making my Fairy Godmother! I think she has been my favorite project of all time! I decided on pink hair because I have always been a little "alternative." I gave her violet eyes and a wintery night background complete with sequin snowflakes. I tried to frame her to seem like she was looking in from a window (the border fabric has writing on it which I thought was very "fairy tale"). I enjoyed this project so much that I'm going to make one for my roommate. She has printed out her pattern and we are picking out colors today!

, the Fairy Quilt Godmother of Joyce Weatherly

by Joyce Weatherly

Thanks! She showed me who was boss on several occasions, just like a real F.G.

Miterlara, the Fairy Quilt Godmother of Judy Stokes
by Judy Stokes
Columbus, Mississippi

I made a Fairy Quilt Godmother and wanted to share it with you.

Blokenlopee, the Fairy Quilt Godmother of Julia Graber
by Julia Graber
Columbus, Mississippi

Here is my fairy quilt godmother. This lady will be on exhibit with a few of her friends of like kind at the Rozenwig Art Center in Columbus, MS for the month of July 2012.

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