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BEGAN JUN 21, 2011!


Who is YOUR
Fairy Quilt
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I will update this
Parade of Godmothers
when I do the
Paper Panache
site updates.
New photos are
presented first.


Show us
where your


Sept 2011
Fairy Quilt
Godmother Pageant


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       It's a Fairy Quilt Godmother Parade

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Godmother, the Fairy Quilt Godmother of Kitty Sager
by Kitty Sager
Hilton Head, SC

Little late on the scene but a lot has been going on... I have joined a new Bee and told them about your site. I thought I would make my example and see if anyone is interested. I thought it was harder than I remembered but I was very pleased with the results.

Agnes, the Fairy Quilt Godmother of Brian Kiester
by Brian Kiester
Meridian, ID

I just started quilting late last year and this is the second paper-pieced item I have done. My mother made me learn to sew at a young age, as she was determined that none of her children would ever be without the means to clothe themselves. Both my mother and my grandmother, who passed several years ago and was one of my dearest friends, have been quilters and I decided to give it a try. Imagine my surprise as I was putting this fairy godmother together and there was my grandmother staring back at me! To double check that I wasn't seeing things, I sent a picture of her to my mother and asked her who she reminded her of. It actually took her a minute to realize that it wasn't a picture of my grandmother. Needless to say, my fairy quilt godmother's name is not the one the pattern came with (Biasnellope), but Agnes, and she hangs on the wall in my office/sewing/craft room. Thank you for this really fun project, it was truly amazing to see her "come to life".

Emma, the Fairy Quilt Godmother of Mary Ann Kowalski
by Mary Ann Kowalski
Tucson, AZ

This is Emma, my quilt godmother. She is surrounded by sewing notions used in quilt construction. Patternletter No.3 containing the SEW MUCH FUN blocks was perfect for the border blocks. The Parade of Godmothers site update was the inspiration I needed to complete this UFO. Thanks for all the fun your patterns bring to online paper piecing.

Boozerin Neline, the Fairy Quilt Godmother of Neline  Pienaar
Boozerin Neline
by Neline Pienaar
Free State, Bultfontein, SA

...Our mothers are really portraits of the real people hahaha. Myself and Ebie have wild hair, curly, and our mothers are exactly the same.

Ribbinzealia Amanda, the Fairy Quilt Godmother of Amanda P.
Ribbinzealia Amanda
by Amanda P.
Free State, Bultfontein, SA

Piecella, the Fairy Quilt Godmother of Renée Kanas
by Renée Kanas

I finally made my godmother. I think the hardest part was picking out the fabric. Great day project. Thanks for the fun.

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