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Order & Shipping Information

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The shopping cart may be used for all orders--submit your info securely online or print out the order for mailing.

We accept MC/Visa
Checks and money orders accepted in the U.S. only.

Paper Panache, P.O. Box 2124, Winnetka, CA 91396-2124 U.S.A.

Please email for phone number.

Links to info below:
Credit Card Processor Information  |  Copyright Notice  |  Current Mailing Schedule for Printed Patterns
Postage and Handling  |  International Order Limitations  |  PDF Patterns  |  Checks  |   Security and Privacy
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CURRENCY:  US Dollars.

PLEASE NOTE (Credit Card Processor Information):
     This cart uses Paypal as an immediate credit card processor. You do NOT need a Paypal account to pay with a credit card, and there will be a clear option to use one or the other on the payment page. If you have problems using a credit card, check to see if you are making the order using the same name as what is on the card.

     Also, please double check your quantities before going to payments


      Patterns are copyright by Linda Worland and are sold for the purchaser's personal use only. Purchaser may make photocopies of pattern pieces, and may enlarge, reduce, or change them for their own use and purposes. Do not make, print or distribute copies of patterns to give or sell to others. You may not make or distribute copies of PDFs, either printed or electronic. Please contact me for any commercial use of patterns. Also see Personal Quilt Sales / Charitable Guidelines.


      Orders for printed patterns are currently fulfilled on Tuesdays and Fridays (may change without notice). Look for the next mailing date at the top of the shopping cart page.
      I send an email note when your order has gone into the mail. Please allow 3 to 14 days for most deliveries (add a few days if you have paid by check). You may write at any time to determine the status of your order.


      P&H is based on total order weight. You may add items to the shopping cart and calculate the p&h for your location before you give any personal info.
      To add shipping:  Recalculate. Select location in drop down box. Click Add Shipping. Repeat for any changes.
      Printed patterns are sent via the U.S. Postal Service. Orders up to 13 oz. are sent First Class Mail; orders 13 oz. to 2 lbs. are sent Priority Mail; orders over 2 lbs. are sent Parcel Post. Canada and International are sent US Air Mail.


    International orders are limited to those that fit into the smaller white envelopes that I routinely send patterns in. These envelopes will generally hold four patterns. This is because I have had an unacceptable failure rate for larger orders/envelopes going to other countries, and it has been too expensive for me to replace these lost orders.
     If you make a larger order, I will ask you to split the order into the smaller envelopes, and I will mail them one after the other: The second one may be sent after you confirm that the first has arrived.

     The Double Wedding Ring pattern is excluded from overseas sale because it cannot fit into the smaller-size envelope.


PDF PATTERNS    |     Info for iPad Users
     Patterns designated as "PDF" come to you as an immediate download. No p&h or tax is added for pdfs;
however, the shopping cart will still ask you to input your location and go through the shipping routine. When it sees that you have only ordered PDF(s), it will assign a p&h of 0.00.
  In this system, you download and save the patterns to your personal device. Paper Panache does not offer a pattern library account, where you may save the patterns for future access, at this time. The links I send you will expire. Do not depend on them for access. SAVE the pattern to your device to permanently keep for your private use.
     Once you have purchased a pdf, I want to make sure you receive it. I receive notice when pdfs are downloaded, and I may follow up if it looks like you are having a problem accessing the pattern(s). However, my evaluation of an issue is limited; if you are having a problem, don't wait to hear from me. Please email me at hi_linda@paperpanache.com .

     Links to the PDFs are offered immediately after payment. Click the Complete Your Order button to get the download page, and I suggest that you save the pattern to your machine immediately. Do not use the back button at any time, or you will lose your opportunity to download. Again, links expire. Do not rely on saving the link to access your pattern in the future.
      You should also receive an email with the same download links. Unfortunately, this email cannot be guaranteed for many reasons. If you do not see this email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk mail folder.
      If you have a difficulty collecting your pdfs, please email me and describe the problem. Please report any error messages and what it is you are (or are not) seeing. I am able to resend links, excluding Sundays, please.

     When you open the file the first time, you may see a white page in Adobe Reader for some time before the pattern appears. This is normal; some files are large.
     Important: These PDFs are made with Adobe products and open reliably with the free Adobe Reader. If you have problems opening the PDF, the first thing to do is check whether you are using a different PDF program to open it, as some other PDF programs have issues with the settings I use. If you are not sure what program you have, double click on any PDF icon on your computer and see what program appears. This is the program associated with the .pdf and can be changed. You may need to open Adobe Reader first and use File>Open>[file.pdf].
PDFs cannot be returned.

Adobe Reader   << Click this button to get the latest  FREE Adobe Reader.
    More information about PDFs.   |   Info for iPad Users


     U.S. only: If paying by check, please send it in when you make your order. Patterns are sent to you after payment is received. If a check is returned for insufficient funds, the bank's returned check fee will be added to the amount owed. The Paper Panache mailing address is at the top of this page.


      This cart collects credit card information using a secure server. I normally do not access credit card numbers, and I do not offer to save any personal or financial information online. The only time I process card numbers directly is when I see you have had a credit card issue using the normal channels. I will send you a link to put your selection in an alternative secure cart and then manually process the order.
      I never sell, trade, or give away ANY information about my customers. I don't like ads, either, so there will never be third party cookies coming from my site.


    When I notice that the payee and the sendee are not the same and do not live at the same address, I do not include the receipt in the package. I will enclose a packing slip with the order. I do this in case the order has been sent to the sendee as a gift.


     Patterns are not returnable.

      Most Paper Panache patterns do NOT include printed 1/4" seam allowances. They are designed as whole patterns. Sections are cut apart on the heavy lines, the sewer adds the seam allowances as she/he goes, and after paper piecing sections are pinned along seam lines and sewn back together. (See the "how-to".)


      Patterns are printed using varied equipment. Not all inks are waterproof. Please do not wet the pattern in an effort to remove paper after sewing. Test first if this is your method. Spotting of fabrics could occur.





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