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What is a PDF?
    PDF stands for "Portable Document File." A pattern in the PDF file format can be opened by any computer using Adobe Reader, which is a FREE tool for opening and reading PDF files (see yellow link below). Once Reader has been installed on your machine, you can click on any PDF file and it will pop open and show you the file. Then you can print the file if you choose.

    All PDFs patterns are clearly marked "PDF" just above the Add to Cart button. Only patterns designated as "PDF" come to you as an immediate download. No p&h or tax is added for pdfs.

          Once you have purchased a pdf, I want to make sure you receive it. I receive notice when pdfs are downloaded, and I may follow up if it looks like you are having a problem accessing the pattern(s). However, my evaluation of an issue is limited; if you are having a problem, don't wait to hear from me. Please email me at hi_linda@paperpanache.com .

     Links to the PDFs are offered immediately after payment. Click the Complete Your Order button to get the download page, and I suggest that you download from the links immediately. Do not use the back button at any time, or you will lose your opportunity to download. And be advised: The links to patterns expire. Do not rely on saving the link to access your pattern in the future.
      You should also receive an email with the same download links. Unfortunately, this email cannot be guaranteed for many reasons. If you do not see this email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk mail folder.
       Links are timed and will expire after a few hours. If you have a difficulty collecting your pdfs, please email me and describe the problem. Please report any error messages and what it is you are (or are not) seeing. I am able to resend expired links, excluding Sundays.

     Important: These PDFs are made with Adobe products and open reliably with the free Adobe Reader. If you have problems opening the PDF, the first thing to do is check whether you are using a different PDF program to open it, as some other PDF programs have issues with the settings I use. If you are not sure what program you have, double click on any PDF icon on your computer and see what program appears. This is the program associated with the .pdf extension and can be changed to Adobe Reader if necessary. Another option is to open Adobe Reader first and use File>Open>[file.pdf].


Troubleshooting PDF/Reader problems:
     Things to check or try:
      --Make sure Adobe Reader has been installed on your machine. Being "present" does not mean it has been installed.
      --Get the latest version of Adobe Reader from adobe.com. Many people have found that a fresh copy of the Reader clears up old problems.
      --Opening PDFs / Download a PDF
      --Problem with PDFs
      --Printing PDFs

      --Things to note when ordering PDF patterns / I see just a white page when I open a PDF.







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