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Pattern Formats & Packaging Information

Paper Panache is working towards having a great variety of patterns for every occasion.
At present most patterns are printed patterns that are sent via the U.S. mail, but I am currently
working on more PDFs.


You will run across Paper Panache patterns in several formats:

Paper Panache Pattern coverPRINTED and sent to you by U.S. Mail
FULL PATTERNS include a master copy, foundation set, and photo cover, unless specified otherwise.
• PATTERN SHEETS are patterns printed on one sheet which can be used as a master or as a foundation. Patterns may be photocopied by the purchaser for their personal use. Buy two if you want to use one and keep one.
• "MASTER COPY ONLY" PATTERNS contains one master pattern copy, which the purchaser may photocopy to make their own foundations. Some patterns have separate, optional foundation sets available.

Printed Patterns Available   |    Formats & Packaging Information (below)


PDF (ELECTRONIC), available online, sent by email, or presented as links
 PDF stands for "Portable Document File," a file that can be opened and viewed by any computer using the Adobe Reader, a FREE tool for opening and reading PDF files. You keep the PDF on your machine and print it out yourself with your own printer onto any foundation you desire. These patterns are clearly marked "PDF" above the Add to Cart buttons in the shopping cart.

PDF Patterns Available    |    More PDF Information


Pattern Packaging Descriptions:

1. Regular Packaged Pattern:

--photo cover
--master copy of pattern (to keep)
--plain paper foundation copy (to sew)
--general paper piecing instruction sheet
--pattern-specific instructions
--fabric amounts and palette
--piecing order diagram
--packaged in 6"x9" zip baggy

1.1 Same as above, but lacks fabric amounts

2. "Master Copy Only" Pattern:
--photo cover
--master copy of pattern on heavier paper, meant to be photocopied to create foundations
--pattern-specific instructions
--fabric amounts and palette
--piecing order diagram
--general paper piecing instruction sheet
--packaged in 6"x9" zip baggy

2.1 Same as above except the master copy of pattern is printed on plain paper, to keep, or use as a sewing foundation.

2.2 Same as above, but lacks fabric amounts and possibly palette(s).

2.3 Master copy of pattern on heavier paper, meant to be  photocopied to create  foundations
--pattern-specific instructions
--general paper piecing instruction sheet

Note: Repeating block designs usually include fabric amounts for one block and will need to be multiplied for number of blocks you make.

3. "Envelope" Patterns (discontinued)

4. Pattern Sheet:
Generally, the pattern and all information is printed on one large sheet. The pattern photo on the Paper Panache site may be downloaded for personal reference. Includes:
--color drawing
--plain paper master pattern copy, to keep or use as a  sewing foundation
--pattern-specific instructions
--piecing order diagram
--fabric amounts
--no other packaging

4.1: Same as above, but lacks fabric amounts.

5. PDFs:
PDF patterns are presented as download links immediately after payment. You download (save) them to your computer and print them out yourself onto any foundation you desire. You keep the PDF in your possession. Includes:
--photo of the pattern
--master copy of pattern (to print  sewing copies from)
--pattern-specific instructions
--fabric amounts and palette
--piecing order diagram
--link to online general paper-piecing instructions and other how-tos

5.1: Same as above with color drawing, no photo

Other Definitions / Info

A. Reduced Master:
To save paper and/or space, the master copy has been reduced and is somewhat smaller than the foundation copy included in the pattern. The master pattern is clearly marked and includes enlargement information.

B. Fold-and-Sew Foundations:

A pattern designated as Fold-and-Sew features fast, accurate, and very easy fold-and-sew foundations, resulting in fewer seams to pin and sew. Illustrated instructions show you how.

C. Oak & Maple Nine-Block Top:
Same as #1, but contains one extra set of plain paper foundations to keep as master copies.

D. Garden Fairy:

Contains a master copy and a foundation copy. All Instructions, palette, but no fabric amounts.

E. Evening Star:

Contains master copy of pattern on heavier paper, meant to be photocopied to create foundations, and pattern-specific instructions and palette. Lacks fabric amounts and photo cover. Color drawing of finished blocks.

Email me if you would like to see any other definitions or explanations included on this list.



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