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     Nativity with Advent Pockets____


Advent Calendar with Pockets
by Merete Willis, Finland

Please note: This added pocket border was Merete's idea, and she has graciously allowed me to post it as inspiration. The pattern is not sold with this pocket border.

[With the pastor]... we presented it as a gift from the congregation at the grand opening of the newly remontified Old People´s Home here in Luvia.

   I enlarged the pattern, so it is 130x180cm including the border. This was to be sure that the picture could be seen from a bed far away, and by those who otherwise due to disabilities can´t get near enough. It works very well. I saw it on the wall in the very place I had intended it to be placed.
    ...As a narrow 1/2 inch inner border I used the same lighter green as in the backpack of the riding king.For the outer border I was inspired to use the stones of the wall of our church in the same blue colours as the sky. The bigger "stones" act as pockets for little advent messages, bibleverses or thoughts, but also to contain the numbers (white with blue background), which I managed to design myself in papertechnique to fit the general style of the quilt. The numbers are attached to a broad silkribbon which again is fixed inside the pocket. This way the numbers can be put away between Christmas and Epiphany, when we here in Finland usually take down allChristmas decorations. The corners are simple crosses as they appear on the pulpet in the church, also blue. This way the border phrames the picture very nicely when the numbers are out of sight.
   ... I went with Peter, my husband, to the old people´s home to take a few photos of the quilt hanging on the wall in their sitting room. I have had lots of positive feedback.The individual pockets are about 8 x 12 cm (a good three x five inches), horisontally up and down, and vertical on both sides.

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