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         Gretchen Crozier Nativity
         with Single Fabric Sky________

By Gretchen Crozier, Fremont, CA
You can't tell from the pictures, but 2 of the fronds on the palm are loose (set into the horizontal seam). The border fabric is called Kashmir (a suburb of Bethlehem??) I used a permanent pen to accent the dots on the burro in the manger, so it looked less like a zebra. I made a lot of changes, and tore out several pieces to redo. When I see your finished one, maybe I will see the errors of my way.
     [Later:] I finally finished all of the touch up details. The camel has fringe on the "saddle". The sheep have something to eat. Everyone has eyes. There is a tassle on the camel's bridle. The rays of light from the star is "sliver" (stitch, stitch, cuss, stitch, stitch, break) Special needle and all. As you can see I changed things around a little bit. I could only find one decent blue for the sky, so I went with it (stars and all).

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