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         Double Wedding Ring ________
         Making a queen/king size quilt from the
aper Panache Woven DWR pattern

I am interested in the paper pieced DWR quilt. I would like to make a queen size, and I notice that the pattern is 40x40. I would assume I could make it larger, but is that doable, and how would I do it?--Mary K


   When I designed the double wedding ring patterns, I did not take into consideration the possibility of using them to make queen- or king-size bed quilts.

    In short , I cannot supply the foundations for these large projects. My foundation sets are not set up appropriately. Nor has any of the necessary layouts... math... preparation... fabric amounts... etc. been done. (All a big job.)

     It is not as simple as selling you "X" number of prepared patterns for the project. This is especially the case with the woven double wedding ring with self-border: You can't get all you need from the foundation sets I supply unless you were to buy something like 16 packages. The foundations are not supplied in the correct proportion for a queen-sized project. The current package is 3 to 1 in favor of edge blocks and doesn't supply nearly enough center blocks.

    In order to make a queen size quilt yourself, you will need to draw up your own layout based on the information in the pattern, and then photocopy the master to make the foundations you need. Enlarging the pattern would probably be useful. It is allowed because it is your personal project, and I trust you won't be selling any pattern based on it. If you use photocopies, be sure to check them against the master to make sure they will go together nicely. Tape four sections together to check for size and squareness before using.

    I also strongly suggest that you sew a few sample sections before you commit to such a large project. This should give you an idea how much time and effort the project will entail, because at the present ring size there is something like 400 sections (not pieces--there are lots more pieces) for either version. Paper piecing is fast, but 400 sections is huge.

A Larger Woven Double Wedding Ring
by Tamara Blue


She enlarged the pattern 200% and made it for a wedding gift.
200% = 80"x80"; but do some research...
queen size measurements I've seen are usually larger.
Also, remember that you can plan to do whatever
number of rings suits your fancy.


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