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Recent Past Update Highlights

7/9/17--Tragedy/Comedy PDF Pattern available, Valentine Dog PDF Pattern available, April/Wedding Showers PDF Pattern available, Free Mystery Block #83 (revealed), Your Latest Projects for July, Your Refreshing Summer Treat!

5/20/17--At the Wishing Well PDF Pattern available, Mystery Block #83 available

5/4/17--Ship in a Bottle PDF Pattern available,Oak & Maple Baltimore Block PDF Pattern available

4/8/17--Calla Lilies PDF Pattern available, Mystery Block 82 Drawing Winnners, Solution to Mystery Block #82, Your Solutions to Mystery Block #82, Your Projects Oct-Dec 2016, Your Projects Jan-Mar 2017

Latest New and Revised PDF Patterns
All new patterns at Paper Panache are presented in the PDF format. Most of the old patterns will eventually be updated/reformatted into the PDF format as well (some will be retired). Here is the list of PDFs made available in the past six months:

--Sewflake PDF (August'17)
--Garden Fairy Block PDF (August'17)
--Comedy/Tragedy PDF (July'17)
--April/Wedding Showers PDF (July'17)
--Valentine Dog PDF (July'17)
--At the Wishing Well PDF (May'17)
--Ship in a Bottle PDF (May'17)
--Oak & Maple Baltimore Block PDF (May'17)
--Calla Lilies PDF (Apr'17)
--Heartflower PDF (Jan'17)
--Cupid's Heart PDF (Jan'17)

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Summer of Fairy Quilt Godmothers (2011)
  WINNERS of the Fairy Quilt Godmother Pageant Vote!
     GODMOTHERS FREE FOREVER!  (You can still get your pattern here!)
     Fairy Quilt Godmother Parade Continues


I have been painting a lot more recently, and have been
exploring plein air landscapes since January.




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