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Recent Past Update Highlights

12/5/16--Elfie & Gnomeo PDF download pattern, Elfie's Christmas Card PDF download pattern, Mystery Block #81 (simple!) (revealed)
--Pumpkin Pie PDF download pattern, Solution to Mystery Block #80, Your Solutions to Mystery Block #80, and these PDF download patterns: Cheese Party, Roly-Poly Santa, and Christmas Light
9/29/16--Mystery Block #80
9/27/16--O, Holy Night
PDF download pattern
9/2/16--Parrot , Happy Frog Family , Sweet Seat PDF download available, as well as
Your Recent Projects, Solution to Mystery Block #79!, Your Solutions to Mystery Block #79!, Free: Little Dancers

Latest New and Revised PDF Patterns
All new patterns at Paper Panache are presented in the PDF format. Most of the old patterns will eventually be updated/reformatted into the PDF format as well (some will be retired). Here is the list of PDFs made available in the past six months:

--Heartflower PDF (Jan'17)
--Cupid's Heart PDF (Jan'17)
--Elfie & Gnomeo PDF (Dec'16)
--Elfie's Christmas Card PDF (Dec'16)
--Pumpkin Pie PDF (Oct'16)
--Cheese Party PDF (Oct'16)
--Roly-Poly Santa PDF (Oct'16)
--Christmas Light PDF (Oct'16)
--O, Holy Night PDF (Sep'16)
--Parrot PDF (Sep'16)
--Sweet Seat PDF (Sep'16)
--Happy Frog Family PDF (Sep'16)
--In My Happy Place PDF (Jul'16)
--Helicopter PDF (Jul'16)
--Baby Dragon PDF (May'16)
Artist Palette PDF (May'16)
--Snowglobe PDF (May'16)

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