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Reader Paper Piecing Tipsl

A Paper-Piecing Method Alternative

From: Mary C

Dear Linda,
     I have a tip that may help other “spatially challenged” users of your patterns. I have made the Family Tree (twice), one of the borders, and now I am working on the Bowl of Shells.
     As you know, the latter has many small polygons and small sharp triangles. Butterfly imagery and rough cutting the shape out of the fabric doesn’t work for me. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t see how to sew angled pieces together so they cover the pattern area. Pinning doesn’t help. The following method works for me.
     I make a second copy of the pattern. Working one section at a time, cut out the individual pieces and lightly glue them to the wrong side of the corresponding fabric using a water soluble fabric glue stick. On a cutting mat, cut out each piece with a rotary cutter using an add-a-quarter ruler. Alternatively, draw the ¼ inch seam allowance with a disappearing ink fabric pen and cut out the pieces with scissors. Both methods work equally well and help ensure the sewn edge is on the straight of grain wherever possible. Because of all the small pieces, be careful to keep each section together – I put them in envelopes. Before sewing each piece to the paper pattern, I remove the glued on piece. This doesn’t add any time to the project. In fact, when I get ready to sew, all the pieces are already cut from the correct fabric, with the proper angles, and are easy for me to piece together. The sewing is more efficient and goes more quickly because I don’t have to rummage through the various fabrics used in the project.
     I love the challenge of your patterns and the results as spectacular. But I had a love-hate relationship with them until I used this method. Thank you for your designs and a great web site.


Another Seam Ripping Method
From: Dorothy Goodman

Dear Linda,
     I just read your suggestion for seam ripping' 101, and I would like to tell you how we do it. My mom and I sew together, and inevitably we do a lot of seam ripping. We use our rotary cutter to get the job done. We first stabilize one piece of the fabric to be ripped under the sewing machine foot. Then we pull up the other piece, exposing the seam, and gently touch the stitches with the blade of the rotary cutter, keeping pressure to open the seam. This way, there is less chance of cutting the fabric with the scissors, and the seam is gone lickity split. I hope this is clear.
     I would love for you to post it - but please give the credit to my mom, Dorothy Goodman. It was her idea. Thanks!





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