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Sending your photos or scans to Paper Panache
(or elsewhere for that matter :)


     In the hopes of helping you to send your best possible scans here and elsewhere, I have endeavored to bring you the shortest possible info to help lead you in the right direction.

The three most important things to attend to
BEFORE you hit the "SCAN" button are:
Resolution (dpi)
Scan Quality

      If your scan is going to be viewed on a screen (online), SCAN AT
96 DPI.
     Do not use a higher DPI. To better understand why, see
Why Is My Scan So Huge?

     BEFORE you hit the scan button, adjust the final size of the scan.
     As a rule of thumb, scan at about 50% of full size. If the block is 8", set the output at 4" or 50% (depending on how your scanner works). This results in a block that fits on the screen without scrolling and allows me to do some cropping, if necessary.

     Simple: aim between "too dark" and "too light." A scan preview is not terribly accurate, so don't sweat it too much....Photoshop helps me to do wonders "fixing" scans. However, experiment a little before settling on a too-dark or too-light scan. Generally, you can fix problems by adjusting

     Contast--makes the whites whiter and the darks darker (or reduces this)
     Brightness--brightens (or darkens) the whole scan

     Look at your preview and decide what it needs. Everyone who does photo correction suits him/herself--there is no true right or wrong, so don't obsess over it!

Scan at 96 dpi... 50% (or 400-500 pixels wide)...
adjust the quality so it is neither "too dark" nor "too light."
That's it!

If this helped you, feel free to print this out for your paper-piecing friends.
Paper Panache, Images and Ideas for Paper Piecing
P.O. Box 2124, Winnetka, CA 91396-2124 / www.paperpanache.com



Why Is My Scan
So Huge?


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