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Hi, Linda,
    I xeroxed the angel pattern, and then noticed two things: The ink of the xerox got onto the piece. I didn't notice it on the fabric itself, just the thread. Do you have any suggestions, other than try to copy it with a lighter ink?--Marion

Hi, Marion,
     Photocopied and laser printed patterns may transfer ink when heated with the iron. To help prevent ink transfer, try ironing the pattern print-side down onto scrap paper or scrap fabric before using. Repeat two or three times, and this should pre-transfer any excess toner to the paper and create a cleaner pattern to use.
     To be safe, while working, run your iron across some scrap material to help clean it before pressing white or light fabrics on the right side of your project.
    Original printed patterns from Paper Panache taken straight from the package will not transfer ink when ironed. However, do not wet patterns in an attempt to remove the paper from a finished top without first testing for possible ink run, because spotting of fabrics could occur. These patterns are printed using a variety of equipment, and some inks used are not waterproof.
Wet a small corner of the pattern first if this is your method and note if the ink remains intact.








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