Paper Panache
Mini Mystery
Challenge 2008

campaign characters +campaign characters
"Make a top using MB48 and the
Campaign Characters"

Vote concluded on Dec 6, 2008

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Linda Barnes

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Ellen Koga Rosenberg

This is my solution to your mystery block
challenge # 48. I enlarged the star under the
chin to make the star.




It is 13" x 20"

Wethersfield, Connecticut


The new grandson only spit up on it twice (-:   LOL


North Bend, Oregon

I finally got the Patriotic Banner finished.
It was fun to do and I am very pleased with it.
Thanks for the challenge.


Here is my challenge. It measures 25" x 36".
It was a lot of fun.


I participated in a star block exchange,
had no idea how to put the blocks together,
then WOW!!, what more could I ask for?
Thank you... I loved the patterns.

Here is the photo for the Contest for mystery #48.
I liked them in the red white and blues but those really
are not my colors. So I did it in my own color choices
and plan on using this as a flag to hang on a pole
Tuesday. No matter who you want to win it's important
that we use our voice and our vote.

This was fun. Thank you. It measures 15" x 27" and
I got the Rock The letters from a paper piecing Harry Potter
web site that I like called



Ft Lauderdale, Florida