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Susan Shantz 's Kitty
Rachel Brown's Kitty 
Here is our dear black kitty. He loved to sit the tall grass. His name is Schroeder,
like the Peanuts character.
Susan Shantz


Rachel Brown's Kitty
Rachel Brown's Kitty 
I don't have a cat, but if I did it would be named Mouser and expected to earn its keep!
Rachel Brown


Monna Nugent's Kitty
Monna Nugent's Kitty 
Here is my cat Pookie. I don't have him anymore but he was a joy when he was alive.
Monna Nugent


Gerti Fraueneder's Kitties
Minki, Dwarf, and Lois
Gerti Fraueneder's Kitties 
My cats are Minki, Dwarf and Lois.
Gerti Fraueneder, Austria


Teresa Catlett's Daughter's Kitty
Linky Inky
Teresa Catlett's Daughter's Kitty 
Just had to make a portrait of my daughter's kitty. Both the kitty face and the border were
patterns from you. Thanks so much for providing them.
Teresa Catlett, Booneville, AR


Candace Weisner's Kitty
Mr. Spots
Candace Weisner's Kitty 
I made a very cute kitty with your pattern. His name is Mr. Spots.
Candace Weisner


Sarah McKeever 's Kitty
Sarah McKeever's Kitty 
Here is the paper pieced image of my gray and white striped cat named Willie.
Sarah McKeever


Teresa Catlett's Kitties
Clockwise from top left: Zelda, Tigger, Perseus, and Sammy.
Teresa Catlett's Kitties 
Hi Linda,
Finished the Kitty Cat pattern. It was a lot of fun making the portraits of our kitties.
...Of course you can use it as an example, and I would feel honored if you did.
Thank you so much for providing the pattern.
Teresa Catlett, Booneville, AR 




Participants were
asked to show us
their kitty portraits
and to give us
their names.

Aug-Oct 2015

Free Kitty Pattern,
includes 6" and 8"




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