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June 2012   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.

I Love You Dad by Robin Holmes

I Love You Dad
by Robin Holmes
As you can see it's together. Thought you'd also get a chuckle as to how I came up with the browns I used. When I decided to do this I thought I'd use Dad's favorite color. It then dawned on me I didn't know what that was. So I called him and asked him. His reply? "Well my suits for the funeral home are black. My other suits are grey." (He works for a funeral home part time.) He also said he really didn't have a favorite color - he likes them all. Some help he was. So I called Mom. I barely got the question out and she answered "Carhartt brown!" I laughed because she was right. Almost all his other clothes ARE Carhartt brown. So I decided this needed to contain Carhartt brown. It's as done as its going to get. Hopefully he will like it! Complete with his Carhartt brown border.
    I also have to tell you, because of your story of not getting this done before your Dad passed away, I've made it a mission to get it done for my Dad. My Dad is in his 70's and well, we never know.

I Love You Dad pattern not yet available.


Little Victories by Peggy Rash


Little Victories
by Peggy Rash

You may or may not remember my previous e-mail about being in the process of making a wallhanging from one of the patterns I had ordered from you. The project was something for my husband's special hobby of trying to find adoptive homes for animals that the Little Victories no-kill shelter has acquired. My husband took pictures of me standing on our deck holding the finished project and I thought I would forward it to you! Thanks for your inspiration!!!

Pupcat pattern available.




Nude Descending a GS Course by Karen Owsley



Nude Descending a GS Course
by Karen Owsley

I sent you a picture in January of the snow flakes I made with your pattern. Here is a picture of the finished quilt. The ski racer came from a picture done by Ron Lemaster (www.ronlemaster.com). The quilt is a gift for my son who is a racer. Thanks so much!
[Posted with permission from
Ron Lemaster.]

Paper Snow pattern available.






Re: In My Happy Place from Nancy Angelo
   This pattern reminded me of my Granddaughter Amelia. She has always loved her swing and would go out and swing even in the winter.Two years ago when she was about to graduate from High School I bought this pattern but didn't get it done for graduation.
   Her birthday is in November so my goal was to get it done for that.She went away to college so I gave her the finished paper-pieced picture for Christmas but told her to leave it with me so I could complete it. I even called you to ask how you finished it but you said you never do. It was such a lot of work and I wanted to keep it from getting dirty because I didn't want her to ever have to wash it. I went to my quilt shop but I didn't like their ideas so I went to Michael's and they framed it for me. I added border strips so they could frame it with the entire paper-pieced part visible. They did a beautiful job and you can't see the border strips I added. Amelia went away to school and after being there a few weeks she told her Mom the only thing she really missed about home was her swing. The unique thing about all this is she always called her swing my happy place and that was what drew me to your pattern in the first place.
   I'm writing to tell you this so if someone else calls with a finishing question you could tell them what I did. With the coupon from the newspaper the price was not as high as a regular frame shop.
In My Happy Place pattern available.


Most people find it easiest to send photos or scans
by email; however, you may snail mail photos to:
Paper Panache, P.O. Box 2124,
Winnetka, CA 91396-2124.
If you would like your photo returned, include an SASE.





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