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September 2013  |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.
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Mermaid by Leah Van Horn

Mermaid and Hula Girl
by Leah Van Horn
Please post this in finished projects on your web site. I had so much fun with this project. Did it in one weekend! Those are called "googly eyes" lol. I bought your hula girl pattern a number of years ago and finished her off into a larger quilt. This mermaid reminded me so much of her they kinda go together. ...if possible it would be neat if you posted them together as finished projects, just years apart. :) I just realized I used the same fabric for the outside border/waves on the hula girl as I did for the tail on the mermaid. Funny it looked more like water and waves on the hula girl quilt and scales on the mermaid. :) Anyway, I sure had fun with it and look forward to maybe more "seascape" patterns hint hint....

Hula Girl by Leah Van Horn












Nativity by Joyce Crosby
I bought the Nativity some time ago (years ago, actually). I talked two of my friends into buying it quite awhile later.(I had showed them how to paper piece). We finally decided to get together every Thursday and work on our Nativities. I am almost finished with the piecing. I have to say three things: My hat is off to Linda Worland for designing it. I have created my own piecing patterns over the years and this pattern leaves me in awe. Second, I admire the tenacity of anyone who finishes it. Happily , we will be able to add our names to that list . Third, my two friends are still speaking to me and we have had a lot of fun doing it. I wish we had kept track of the hours we put into it .



Godmothers by Neline Pienaar and Friends

Godmothers by Neline Pienaar and Friends, Lappoppe, Bultfontein
We had a Quilt Show in November 2012 and in the entrance to greet everybody was all the Mothers. We had it in our church hall in Bultfontein, Free State in SA. Thank you so much, we enjoyed making them, and all the people that came to our Lappoppe Exhibit loved our Mothers. Myself and one of the other ladies (Amanda) won a second and third place at our Bloemfontein Show. As you can see, I made two, my mother’s hair didn’t show so nice the first try with the red background.
    Our mothers are really portraits of the real people hahaha. Myself and Ebie have wild hair, curly and our mothers are exactly the same. The more modest girls have bolla’s haha. We are Annarie W, Helen L, Charlene N, Sharlene M, Esti P, Amanda P, Michelle W, Mari S, Lolla G, Neline P, Hannelie W, Soretha R, Myrtle W. Absent: Ebie B
    They don’t know that I have send it to you, so it’s going to be a surprise. This was such a fun project.

Neline Pienaar and Friends














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Most people find it easiest to send photos or scans by email;
however, you may snail mail photos to:
Paper Panache, P.O. Box 2124,
Winnetka, CA 91396-2124.
If you would like your photo returned, include an SASE.



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