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December 2014   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.
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Mistletoe by Susanne Laurisch

Mistletoe by Susanne Laurisch
    I purchased your mistletoe-pattern. I'm really pleased with it, it's a lovely pattern. I'm working on a christmas sampler and the mistletoe ads something special. By the way, I really like that you mark the background parts of the pattern with light stripes. It was really helpful.
      [Later added:] Julianna from Sewing under Rainbow (http://jednoiglec.blogspot.de/) designed the pattern for the "Last minute Christmas Sampler QAL" 2014. I felt in love with paper piecing and the christmas patterns and instead of making a small projekt, I decided to make a big quilt. So I needed some more pattern and was quite happy to find your lovely mistletoe pattern.

Poinsettia PDF Download pattern


Nutcracker Tree Skirt by Tracy Matthews
Nutcracker Tree Skirt by Tracy Matthews, Madras, Oregon
    My brother and his family love to decorate with nutcrackers at Christmas, so when they asked me to make a tree skirt, I thought of your nutcracker pattern. It is approximately 60 inches in diameter. The ballerina is a tribute to Tchaikovsky (since "The Nutcracker" is a ballet after all), and is also intended to tease my 9 year old tomboy niece, who can't stand anything pink or "princess-y".
    Your patterns are great. The details are wonderful and the directions are clear & easy to follow. I look forward to using more of your patterns in the future. Thank you and enjoy the holidays.

Nutcracker PDF Download pattern


  Summer Sun Quilt by Teresa CatlettChristmas Light Quilt by Teresa Catlett

Summer Sun and Christmas Light
by Teresa Catlett, Boonville, Arkansas
    Here is my Summer Sun quilt. I think the purple border worked out pretty well with it. Enjoyed working on it! ...Finally got the candle block done and ready to send a photo. Thanks for making such lovely patterns!

Summer Sun free pattern  |   Christmas Light pattern

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