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October 2015   |  I am happy to display photos of your paper-pieced projects.
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Macaw by Jocelyne Deslauriers


Macaw by Jocelyne Deslauriers
I enclose a picture of my parrot; it is the center of this year's round robin. My theme is 'Tropical'.
As you can see, I changed a few pieces so I could have a blue-and-yellow macaw. It turned out fine.
    ...the round robin won't be back until June; I'll keep a note to send you a picture, whatever comes out from it (you just never know!!)


The parrot is not yet available for purchase.





Sisyphus by Margo EllisSisyphus by Margo Ellis

   Here is my Sisyphus block I made for my classroom. I teach troubled children and it often seems like I am pushing the rock up the hill daily only to have it roll back every night - I call is Misyphus. Decided to make the rock look more like a beach ball ...I wanted to brighten it up a little - love your site and have made many of your patterns. Thanks.

Sisyphus is not yet available for purchase.






rMini Auction Quilts

Mini Auction Quilts

Mini Auction Quilts
by Kathi Kruk, New City, NY
    Hi Linda! Here are a few things I made for my guild's mini auction that we are having at our show in November. I absolutely LOVE your alphabet which I used in the first one. And the second piece was from one of your free patterns. I love your patterns! They are easy to read and sew beautifully together. Thank you!

Free Bra  |  Free Ribbon |  A to Z pattern



Send photos or scans by email to address on this page.
Or, you may snail mail photos to: Paper Panache, P.O. Box 2124, Winnetka, CA 91396-2124. If you would like your photo returned, include an SASE.

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