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Christmas Horns
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #63!
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armstrong horn        daggett horn
Molly Armstrong                                     Anita Daggett

Molly Armstrong writes: Love my horn! I had my suspicions as I was cutting out the pattern, but
I wasn't positive until I started it what it would be. Love this particular mystery block, because I played French Horn throughout middle school and high school. :) Thanks for another fun mystery!

Anita Daggett writes: I'm guessing this is a French horn, which my college roommate played
in the orchestra. The green labeled Light Medium showed darker than the one labeled Medium, so that's the way I used them


waldman horn        campbell horn
Julie Waldman                                         Mary Campbell

Julie Waldman writes: It took me a little while to figure this one out, but I love it now that it's done! I have a young neighbor who plays French Horn, and this might be a cute gift for his parents...

Mary Campbell writes: It was an adventure, alright! I "knew" from you hint it was a horn of some kind. When I started putting it together I wondered what was that skinny wreath and lighted candle doing there??? Thanks for all your hard work.


rash horn        nalean horn
Peggy Rash                                                           Lisa Nalean

Peggy Rash writes: Loved discovering the French Horn -- all dressed up and ready for Christmas! -- in MB #63. Took a break from making a quilt for a friend's wedding by turning to the new mystery. It was such fun that I had to finish it and put it on my front door as our first decoration of the season!! And I don't believe for a minute that you have no more ideas left for next Christmas -- or any other time of year! You are such a talent.

Lisa Nalean writes: Hi Linda, I know what the mystery is! It's a french horn with holly. Mine has the border on and I will be quilting it tomorrow. It's going to hang on my little stand like the pumpkin was. I added red beads to the berries on the holly. It added a little shine to the quilt. Thanks again for another wonderful mystery! They are so much fun!


 fiusa horn        tobin horn
 Marilena Fiusa                                          Cheryl Tobin

Marilena Fiusa writes: Hi ! My block 63.

Cheryl Tobin writes: A fabulous french horn! I love it.

Shirley writes: Working at it off and on in between other projects, finally the French Horn with holly materialized! Great project..Thanks, Linda.

Mary Streeter writes: The mystery block is a french horn. Thanks for sharing!


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