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Christmas Horns
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #63!
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Catlett horn        Jewel horn
Teresa Catlett                                           Jewel

Teresa Catlett writes: Here's... Mystery 63. The Christmas Horn is so pretty.

Jewel writes: Hi, Here is my version of mystery Block #63. Thank you.


Hoffman horn         Szanky horn
Tobi Hoffman                                             Judith Szanky

Tobi Hoffman writes: Did it all yesterday – it’s on my mystery block page

Judith Szanky writes: [This] block is the solution to the new mystery, posted in December. The border and backing are still missing. I am looking for the right border fabric.


Fadool horns   
  Colleen Fadool                

Colleen Fadool writes: I was going to take a paper-piecing break for Christmas, but when I figured out this was a horn, I had to make it. You can see both of my versions. ;) Thanks so much for creating these!!!


Ferguson horn
 Laurie Ferguson

Laurie Ferguson writes: It looks like a french horn to me.

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