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Tragedy / Comedy
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #65!
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fleming tragedy comedy        hansen tragedy comedy
Kim Fleming                                                       Grace Hansen

Kim Fleming writes:  Thanks for another surprise block. It is Comedy and Tragedy, of course.

Grace Hansen writes:  Thanks for your patterns--fun to do. How do you like this guy's nose?!



hinwood tragedy comedy         jewel tragedy comedy
Jen Hinwood                                                         Jewel Shepheard

Jen Hinwood writes: Thanks so much for another great paper pieced mystery project! The 'Comedy & Tragedy' masks were fun to make. I'm not real happy with the fabrics I chose so I plan to make it again using more dramatic colors. I plan to donate my piece to AAQI: Priority Alzheimer's Quilts. Your mysteries are the perfect size for this worthy cause.

Jewel Shepheard writes: Here is my version of mystery block # 65. We certainly know Mardi Gras as we are located about 30 miles from Mobile, Alabama & 130 miles from the Big Easy...



ferguson tragedy comedy       colleen tragedy comedy
 Laurie Ferguson                                              Amy Mesenbrink                

Amy Mesenbrink writes: Lovely addition. Thank you.



nogaris tragedy comedy       rash tragedy comedy
 Marzia Nogaris                                                Peggy Rash

Marzia Nogaris writes:  Here’s my solution. I really enjoyed and I had fun. Thank you Linda!!!

Peggy Rash writes:  After running into a number of problems in trying to download a picture of the Drama and Comedy Masks that appeared from Mystery Quilt Pattern # 65, I finally was successful! Decided that the best backdrops for the masks (which I have yet to back & bind for finishing!) were velvet "curtains" of burgundy & forest green. Thanks for the delightful challenge!

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