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Your Solutions to Mystery Block #66!
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Miner MB66 Parrot        McGreevy MB66 Parrot
Alison Miner                                               June McGreevy

Alison Miner writes:  Linda, You are amazing. I love the parrot. I have wanted to make one to give a friend in thanks for a visit I had in Florida but had no luck finding one. This was perfect and your instructions are very clear and the color suggestions make the piece. Thank you for following up on it. I hope others can benefit from it. (Machine quilted by me.)

June McGreevy writes:  Eye See You! The mystery pattern is a parrot (bird). I wasn't sure what to do about eyes, so I added some big ones.

Cathy Means writes: This is a beautiful parrot. Thank you!



Kellogg MB66 Parrot         Fredrikson MB66 Parrot
Alice Kellogg                                         Sharon Fredrikson

Sharon Fredrikson writes: This is my first Paper Panache mystery I have finished. I have downloaded many of them, but have never made one. I love it. Thanks for all your hard work to provide these for us.



Fiusa MB66 Parrot       Ferguson MB66 Parrot
Marilena Fiusa                                  Laurie Ferguson                

Laurie Ferguson writes: Here is my completed MB#66. It is a parrot. I'm giving it as a gift to my sister-in-law for their boat. Thank you. I can't wait until the next one.

Kim Fleming writes: Yes, I have the very nice parrot (or other tropical bird) all finished. When I get the binding on, I'll send along another picture. And the one of the nativity, too!



Diane MB66 Parrot       Cutair MB66 Parrot
 Diane                                                            Josephine (Birdie) Cutair

Diane writes: Attached is the macaw that I just finished. I love it...it is a wonderful pattern! After I saw what it was, I decided to enlarge the pattern to 150% (1/2 larger) for a wallhanging and the results are great. Thanks so much for your super website. I have been following your website since the very beginning and love your ideas and patterns. Thanks so much!

Birdie writes: Thank you so much for my birthday present. The bird mystery is just perfect for me. (My b'day was Sept. 2.) I have recently returned from Africa where I did indeed see a parrot that looked pretty much like this one, too!! Thanks for another fun mystery!

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