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Your Solutions to Mystery Block #66!
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Cowan MB66 Parrot        Coster MB66 Parrot
Anne Cowan                                        Renate Coster

Anne Cowan writes: Hi there, this is the first mystery I have done and it was fun and a challenge! I loved the parrot!!  ...I have loved paper piecing since who knows when, years ago when it was all the rage. It is so much fun. I have used paper to make a queen size log cabin variation and it came out so well. Everyone said I would be driven crazy taking the paper off but it wasn’t bad. Thanks for all the neat patterns you have. I have to look further at your site!

Renate Coster writes: Hi Linda, how are you? I'm still solving your mysteries. I'm sending you a photo.



Catlett MB66 Parrot         Campbell MB66 Parrot
Teresa Catlett                                     Mary Campbell

Teresa Catlett writes: The perfect pirate companion! As always lots of fun. Thanks!

Mary Campbell writes: Here is my one-eyed parrot. Didn't I read about him in the eigth grade sitting on Long John Silver's shoulder?? Wasn't he from Treasure Island or Kidnapped????



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