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Your 2013 Sues
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #67!
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Amanda Schoonover's MB67 New Years Sue              Patsy Taylor MB67 New Years Sue
Amanda Schoonover                            Patsy Taylor

Amanda Schoonover writes: Hi again! Here is my sun bonnet baby new year! Thanks again!

Patsy Taylor writes: ...it is the new year baby welcoming 2013 by blowing her horn. I have so much fun with your mysteries. My husband was even getting in on the act while I did this one. He took the pieces I had done and was trying to figure it out... I belong to a quilt club and they have all seen my work with your patterns and love them. I will be giving a demo on paper piecing in January at our club. Maybe I can get you some more customers.



Peggy Rash's MB67 New Years Sue              Cheryl Tobin's MB67 New Years Sue
Peggy Rash                                                Cheryl Tobin   

Peggy Rash writes: Hello, Linda, and Merry Christmas to you! I’ve had my little quilt pieced for about a week now but hadn’t gotten around to finishing it and getting a picture of it till now. Following your clue, I went back thru the gallery of Mystery Quilts to discover Baby Sue New Year 1999, so I surmise that this is Baby Sue New Year 2013! She’s ready to be hung when that new year rounds the corner!! Thanks to you, my door will carry the welcoming message to all who “dare” enter! Hoping you have a most special Christmas and a bountiful new year!

Cheryl Tobin writes: Here she is, sweet little baby sister Sun Bonnet Sue bringing in the New Year. Too cute! Thanks again for the fabulous pattern.


Mary Ann Kowalski's MB67 New Years Sue


Mary Ann Kowalski writes: I used Pattern Letter #5 with the birthday kit. The bugle, hat and balloon were enlarged 200%. Words were constructed using the Alphabet pattern, A to Z, 1-2-3. This will be part of our New Year celebrations for years to come. Thank you for the latest mystery block. I looked forward to the mystery blocks whenever you post them. Happy New Year 2013!


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