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Your Stacked Cups
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #69!
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Marilena Fiusa MB69 Stacked Cups      Marta Hegyi MB69 Stacked Cups
Marilena Fiusa                                                                                   Márta Hegyi

Marilena Fiusa writes: Sua mensagem está pronta para ser enviada com o seguinte arquivo ou link anexo: block 69 (2)

Marta Hegyi writes: Küldöm a 69-es blokkot.


Cindy Henry MB69 Stacked Cups      JoAnn Korzenko MB69 Stacked Cups
Cindy Henry                                                                                      JoAnn Korzenko

Cindy Henry writes: I have Fiesta dishes so I figured this would match...Thank you for mystery patterns!

JoAnn Korzenko writes: This is my solution ---- I just love black and white and this gave me the perfect opportunity to play with my black and white stash!


Mary Ann Kowalski MB69 Stacked Cups            MORE >>  
Mary Ann Kowalski                                                              

Mary Ann Kowalski writes: Coffee themed fabric and MB69 resulted in a mini quilt titled, LATTE. Paper-pieced coffee beans were used for the corner squares. Thank you for the fun block. May your memorial day be fun for you and yours.


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