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Your Stacked Cups
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #69!
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Peggy Rash MB69 Stacked Cups        Peggy Rash MB69 Stacked Cups
Peggy Rash                                                                                          Peggy Rash

Peggy Rash writes: I sent my solution and captions via the website e-mail . . . so I’m hoping that somehow catches up with these pictures!! As I noted in the previous e-mail, I’m calling the pink cup quartet “Tea Time” and the primary color foursome “Koffee Klatch.” Thanks for the fun . . . and next time I think I will just send the solution with the pictures thru my e-mail rather than going thru the website! Hope you’re well and enjoying this wonderful time of the year! ... It’s always so nice to hear your reaction to what’s done with the “seeds” you give us as patterns! Think the best part of creative adventure is sharing results! Think I look forward as much to seeing other folks interpretations asI do coming up with my own . . .this is all such fun. Linda, you provide so much joy!


Marge Reikofski MB69 Stacked Cups        Karin Street MB69 Stacked Cups
Marge Reikofski                                                                                 Karin Street 

Marge Reikofski writes: Here are my cups and I love them! I collect cups and saucers so this little quilt block will be added to my inventory.

June Southard writes: What I see is........colorful cups in the cabinet..........stacked, of course! Cute as can be. Can't wait to make some yellow ones for my kitchen.

Karin Street writes: Embroidered a few forget-me-nots and added some seed beads. Not sure where I am going with it now. It will be bordered with the tiny blue polka dot so.


Marycke van de Hoef MB69 Stacked Cups          
Marycke van de Hoef                                                                         

Marycke van de Hoef writes: It's time for coffee ! Look forward to your next mystery quilt.


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