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Your Dandelions
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #72!
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MB72 Dandelion by Ardiss Kunze   MB72 Dandelion by Mary Grame-Collins
Ardiss Kunze                                                               Mary Grame-Collins

Ardiss Kunze writes: Hi, This was a challenge for me. I think my choice of colors wasn't the best but kept me guessing what I was going to finish with. Have a friend with a cabin in the mountains and I feel this will fit right in I also added some dragonflies. Keep up the (fun) good work.



MB72 Dandelion by Mauricette Pierron   MB72 Dandelion by Peggy Rash
Mauricette Pierron                                             Peggy Rash

Mauricette Pierron writes: ... I think it is a pissenlit (in french). Thanks for your work and ... good ideas for mysteries.

Peggy Rash writes: Hi Linda, Adding to your clue . . . when a flower is not a flower nor an animal it’s a dandelion! Since another of my passions is gardening (sometimes more weeder than gardener!) I’m quite familiar with this bloomer! If only I could keep it as contained as you have. Thanx for another unique door hanger.



MB72 Dandelion by Marge Reikofski   MB72 Dandelion by Lindsay Seick
Marge Reikofski                                                       Lindsay Seick                                                         

Marge Reikofski writes: Here is my finished dandelion quilt block. My daughter claimed it as soon as we figured out what it was. She shared this quote with me that she recently found on-line. "When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes." So of course my quilt block will be called "A Hundred Wishes." Thank you so much for designing these delightful mysteries!



MB72 Dandelion by Jill Talkington 
Jill Talkington

Jill Talkington writes: I showed it to a friend yesterday...and together we figured out it was the life cycle of a dandylion! Too funny! I was just happy whatever it was. But now I REALLY love it . ha ha ha. I am collecting all these mysteries..and one day they all will go into the same quilt. Thanks for giving me so much fun.




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