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Your Sisyphuses
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #73!
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MB73 Sisyphus by Jewelri       MB73 Sisyphus by Diane Kunert
Jewelri                                                                Diane Kunert 

Jewelri writes: Here is my version of Mystery Block73 ("Just another day in Tartarus"). Hope you like it...Thank you.

Diane Kunert writes: I just completed the mystery block (#73) and I think he's great! I was an art teacher for 24 years (taught K - 12) and was an Art History Instructor at the college level for a few years.....and I can't tell you how great it is to see the connection between my passion for Art History and QUILTING!!! I placed a 1.5" black and gold border around him using a fabric called "Byzantium Scroll" (#662) by The Henley Studio and I think he looks great. I'm not sure how I want to quilt him yet.
    Sisyphus was punished for his chronic deceitful behavior by being perpetually compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch the boulder roll back down the hill. He was condemned to repeat this act for eternity. Some scholars believe this story is an allegory for lost causes...or the vain struggle of mankind's pursuit for ultimate knowledge. There are many other theories concerning Sisyphus but those are my two favorite!
    [Thanks for including this Diane!--Linda]



MB73 Sisyphus by Kim Lindsey       MB73 Sisyphus by Mauricette Pierron
Kim Lindsey                                                     Mauricette Pierron 

Kim Lindsey writes: Is this Hercules pushing a boulder up a hill? I had fun putting this together. My mom and I got my sister to even try piecing with the idea of a mystery block, maybe she will finish hers too and I can send a copy in for her. Had a great time. Thanks for a fun project.

Mauricette Pierron writes: Hi Linda, I send you my mb73. It is "The myth of Sisyphus." I enjoy to do your mysteries and I am waiting for the next.



MB73 Sisyphus byJill Talkington       MB73 Sisyphus by Carol Wormald
Jill Talkington                                                   Carol Wormald                                                         

Jill Talkington writes: I could not imagine what this would be ...what with all the dark colors. It wasn't until I sewed the pieces together...what a surprise. I love it. How creative. Thanks for your imagination.

Carol Wormald writes: Love my red headed Grecian. Thank you for a fun challenge.



 MB73 Sisyphus byJill Talkington
Teresa Catlett                                                   

Teresa Catlett writes: I've attached the Mystery Block 73 image. I know I'm getting this in late,
but my email wasn't cooperating. As always, always a pleasure! These are so fun!


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