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Your Poinsettias
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #74!
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MB74 Poinsettia by Peggy Rash       
Peggy Rash

Peggy writes: Well, Linda, it looks like the mystery is solved as a poinsettia! And she’s a gorgeous one at that!! Wish the camera had captured the richness of colors better, but I really love the pattern.... I chose the background fabric assuming the theme of the mystery was Xmas oriented and selected some batik fabric my sister got for me during a recent trip to Alaska . . . the “design” on the black background are moose, which I thought looked a bit like reindeer. So it kept with the theme as well as complimented your design so very well. I love it when the colors of a mystery come together so well!


MB74 Poinsettia by Mauricette Pierron


Mauricette Pierron

Mauricette writes: You will find my mystery: a poinsettia, beautiful christmas flower. The around is dark green but on the photo it seems black. Thanks very much for your good ideas.



MB74 Poinsettia by Sarah McKeever



Sarah McKeever

Sarah writes: The mystery block is a beautiful poinsettia!




MB74 Poinsettia by Marta Hegyi



Márta Hegyi

Marta writes: A 74-es blokk egy mikulásvirág.


       MB74 Poinsettia by Grace Hansen



Grace Hansen                                    

Grace writes: Here is my poinsettia in mystery #74.



MB74 Poinsettia by Marilena Fiusa



Marilena Fiusa

Marilena Fiusa writes: Hi Linda ! My block 74.
Merry Christmas



       MB74 Poinsettia by Grace Hansen


Kira Dobbs                                    

Kira writes: My name is Kira Dobbs from Winnsboro, SC. This past Christmas I had my mother teach me how to paper piece. This was my second paper piecing I've ever done!! It was so much fun doing a mystery one because I had no idea what it was until I was basically done putting it together. I can't wait for the next one!



Donna Sheffer writes: I finished the latest mystery and I see a poinsettia. Thank you so much for providing these patterns for free. Having them in a mystery format is fun. Thank you!

Andrea Ahearn writes: Merry Christmas!!! Finished my first mystery block and I love it, it's a poinsettia with green border. Thank you.


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