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Your Ladybugs
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #75!
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MB75 Ladybug by Marta Heygi       
Márta Hegyi

Marta writes: Kellemes húsvéti ünnepeket kívánok a katicabogárral!





MB75 Ladybug by Eunice Donges


Eunice Donges

Eunice writes: This cute little Lady Bug was lots of fun to make.




MB75 Ladybug by Mary Curtiss



Mary Curtiss

Mary writes: It's a lady bug.




MB75 Ladybug by Jocelyne Comeau


Jocelyne Comeau

Jocelyne writes: Here is the lady bug. Thank you , I can’t wait for the next one. So much fun.



       MB75 Ladybug by Teresa Catlett


Teresa Catlett                                   

Teresa writes: The lady bug turned out very cute!




MB75 Ladybug by Mary Campbell


Mary Campbell

Mary writes: Here is my Lady Bug. Thanks again for all your hard work to make us happy. The legs on my lady bug are really grey but they seemed to come out as a brownish in the picture.




       MB75 Ladybug by Linda Barnes


Linda Barnes                                   

Linda writes: Here is my solution to Mystery #75. I missed out on #74. I hope you will sell it. It looked like a nice one.




MB75 Ladybug by Alice



Alice writes: I made a small, glowing error, but didn't see it until it was all together. Still, I love this pattern.




       MB75 Ladybug by Linda Barnes


Ardiss Kunze                                    

Ardiss writes: This was fun, I love Lady Bugs and enjoy seeing them in the garden. Will use this on my table as a hot pad for my casseroles. Thanks for sharing your patterns, have done many and will be ordering more. Like the new rooster. Always enjoy the mysteries.





Carol Dengler writes: Thanks for the cute lady bug. She looks great. By the way, she will become part of a tote bag that will be given to a cancer patient. Lined tote bags and small pillows are donated to the Cancer Society by local quilters. we use orphan blocks and find coordinating fabric in our stash. Generally a breast cancer survivor takes the bag , pillow and literature out to a new patient.

Julia Val writes: My name is Julia and I write to him from Spain. For many years I follow his marvellous web. I like very much quite what it publishes. I guard all the block "Mystery" because I that some day I will do. I have just sewed n º 75 and it makes me very happy to send the photo. Thank you very much for publishing a few so interesting designs.
     *** Le written across a translator, probably there is some failure.


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