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Your Tumbleflowers
Your Solutions to Mystery Block #76!
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MB76 Marilena Fiusa         MB76 Julie Haptonstall
Marilena Fiusa                                             Julie Haptonstall

Julie writes: Hi this is my first try at this. Love the mystery!! 3D tumbling blocks with flowers!


MB76 Jocelyne Jacques         MB76 Jewel
Jocelyne Jacques                           Jewel

Jocelyn writes: Beautiful block – I didn’t know what it was till I removed the paper. I love the design.

Jewel writes:
Here is my version of Tumbling Blocks. Hope you like it.


MB76 Alice Kellogg         MB76 Ardiss Kunze
Alice Kellogg                                                  Ardiss Kunze

Alice writes: Loved the pattern.

Ardiss writes:
Hi, I just finished my Mystery #76, how neat I will use the mystery blocks as a quilt top someday, will need a few more. This was fun good colors, had everything. Very nice block. I do enjoy the Mysteries, there are times I don't get right to them but do enjoy all of them, Thanks, you have so many good ideas.

MB76 Peggy Rash        MB76 Catherine Sirven
Peggy Rash                                                                    Catherine Sirven

Peggy writes: Thought I’d send along the picture of the pillow cover I made using your recent mystery block. It’s not perfect (I don’t have the daisies balanced and if you’ll note the calyx and on one set of flowers has a different green combination than the others) but I consider all those things to be “my signature” on the piece. I know that my very dear friend will love getting something so colorful and cheerful for her 65th birthday! Thank you for making such a special gift possible!!

Catherine writes: Here I am… My only fear was that you revealed the solution before I finished it!!! And finally, I got it… Those nice flowers and the illusion of cubes!!! Thank you! For the moment, I don’t know in what I will transform it… I’m waiting for the next one… And in between, I entered the Farmers wife 1930 sew along.


MB76 Margaret White      
Margaret White                                               

Margaret writes: I enjoyed working on the Mystery Block #76. I haven't done one for quite awhile
and it was a nice break from all the other projects I've been working on.

Susan Freeman writes: This was my first mystery block from your site and I loved it! I see white flowers, green leaves peeking through a pink lattice. The detail is incredible and I will be mentioning your site and patterns in our guild's next newsletter... And deciding which of your patterns I will be purchasing! Cheers!

Kathy Pfaltzgraff writes: Hi, I cut my teeth on the wrong pattern, my DD had me take about half of the strips apart as I put them together wrong and now it looks like tiny white flowers with pink centers on a pink and purple background. Do you need a photo? I have followed your site for years and when I get brave enough I am ready to try another one.


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